Callaway Ladies Steelhead XR Irons


Callaway Ladies Steelhead XR Irons

Signature Shaped Golf Irons Meet Breakthrough Performance For Women

The year was 2000 and in many ways Callaway changed the game with the release of the Steelhead X-14 irons, which at that time provided an amazing combination of classic looks, distance, and playability. To this day, X-14 remains Callaway’s No. 1 selling iron of all-time, and through the years Callaway enthusiasts have called for its return. That wish has now been granted with the creation of Steelhead XR, as Callaway engineers have taken the classic shape of the X-14 and incorporated modern technology to create an iron that looks like the original but will far surpass it in terms of performance. Leading the way in terms of performance is Next-Generation 360 Face Cup Technology, which is delivering faster ball speeds from impact points across the clubface with the result being more distance. Additionally, a steel-infused urethane bar has been positioned across the lower portion of the clubface to lower the center of gravity for higher launch angles and to absorb vibration at impact for enhanced feel. In terms of forgiveness, the XR’s hollow bore-thru hosel design allows weight to be distributed to strategic places in the clubhead to improve stability on mis-hits, while playability is enhanced by a progressive CG placement that promotes high, effortless launch conditions in the long and mid irons and lower launch and increased spin in the short irons for greater control. In terms of a stock shaft, Callaway is offering the Matrix F15, which is a 50-gram shaft designed for exceptional feel and improved launch.


Set Composition #5-SW
Stock Shaft Matrix F15 Graphite
Stock Grip Callaway Universal
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Ideal For:

Players of all ability levels. Callaway would categorize Steelhead XR as a game-improvement iron, which is a fair assessment given the distance, forgiveness, and higher launch that these irons provide. And for that reason, this is a club that will likely be a huge hit with high- and mid-handicappers. But this is also a set of irons that will appeal to better players as well, as in addition to the playability benefits that Steelhead XR offers, a clean, classic shape is also part of the overall package, which is why it’s a good bet that you’ll see this club wind up in the bags of players with dramatically different playing profiles.

Callaway Steelhead XR Golf Clubs

TGW talks about Callaway Steelhead XR Golf Clubs with the experts from Callaway.

Next Generation 360 Face Cup Technology

Callaway's club face technology helps increase ball speed and provides more efficient performance on pure strikes as well as mis-hits for maximum distance in every shot.

Steel-Infused Urethane Layer

The new, soft layer of urethane is infused with steel and placed behind the lower portion of the club face to help lower the CG for faster ball speed on low hits, increased higher launch and absorb any vibration for improved feel.

Hollow Bore-Thru Hosel

This unique hosel design saves weight that is then strategically placed in the head for greater forgiveness and make launch evne easier.

Strategically Placed CG

Center of gravity is optimized in every club for specific performance: Easy launch with long carry from long irons, easy launch with greater control in middles irons, lower launch and higher spin from short irons.

What They're Saying...

“When we hear from consumers about great products we’ve made in the past, (the X-14 iron) tends to bubble up. That was our best-selling iron and really was the iron that propelled us to the leadership position in the iron category. We wanted to look back at that iron and try to take some of the things that made it so great, that made it so well-liked, but then infuse it with modern technology to really increase the performance.”

Luke Williams, Callaway Senior Director of Global Product Strategy for Fitting and Irons

“Other than the look, it’s an entirely new iron. We started with our Face Cup Technology. Our 360 Face Cup, we introduced in irons for the first time two years ago, and really ever since we’ve introduced that technology to the category, it’s taken us to the number one position in market share. It’s really, we believe, the best speed/distance enhancing technology in the iron category, and with the new one we’ve just been able to improve it that much more. We’ve created the thinnest, fastest face we’ve had yet in an iron.”

Luke Williams, Callaway Senior Director of Global Product Strategy for Fitting and Irons

Callaway Women's Steelhead XR Irons
Club Loft Length Lie Angle Offset Swing Weight
#3 18° 38.5" 60° 0.220 C2
#4 20.5° 37.875" 60.5° 0.200 C2
#5 23° 37.25" 61.25° 0.180 C2
#6 26° 36.625" 62° 0.160 C2
#7 30° 36" 62.50° 0.150 C2
#8 34.5° 35.5" 63° 0.140 C2
#9 39° 35” 63.5° 0.130 C2
PW 44° 34.75" 64° 0.120 C2
AW 49° 34.5" 64° 0.110 C2
SW 54° 34.25" 64° 0.100 C3
LW 59° 34" 64° 0.080 C3

This product is no longer available

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