Callaway Men's Big Bertha Fusion Heavy Drivers


Callaway Men's Big Bertha Fusion Heavy Drivers

Callaway's Most Forgiving Driver Ever

Through the years, the majority of Callaway drivers that were made available to the public included forgiveness at or near the top of their list of playability attributes. So when Callaway says that the Big Bertha Fusion is the most forgiving driver the company has ever made, it’s time to pay attention. Being able to make a driver this forgiving started with a new construction approach, as the clubhead features a titanium Exo-Cage that is surrounded by lightweight, high-strength triaxial carbon in the crown and sole. In all, engineers would up with an amazing 35 grams of discretionary weight that has been positioned along the perimeter of the clubface and low and deep in the clubhead to create a low CG and incredible forgiveness. The discretionary weight also allowed for a new aerodynamic head shape that not only maximizes forgiveness but speed as well, and a Speed Step on the crown, taken from the XR series and Callaway’s collaboration with aerospace giant Boeing, also helps create faster swing speeds and more distance. Also unique is that Callaway is offering the Fusion driver in two different stock lengths, 44.5 inches and 45.5 inches. Both will have the same swing weight but the longer option was designed for players who strike the ball solidly but need more distance, while the shorter option is for players who need help in finding the sweet spot more often. Also of note, an adjustable hosel that allows for three degrees of loft adjustment is part of the Fusion’s design to help players create their preferred ball flight and trajectory. Additionally, Callaway has partnered with UST and the Fusion will feature the first ever Recoil driver shafts with stock options in the 40- and 50-gram weight class that from a profile standpoint will deliver higher launch and spin conditions.


Shafts UST Recoil
Grip Golf Pride
Length 44.5"
Headcover Yes
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Ideal For:

Players of all ability levels. While some might read the Fusion’s description and believe it’s a driver solely for the mid- or high-handicap player, Callaway doesn’t believe that’s the case and has seen impressive results in testing Fusion with lower-handicap players, especially in the shorter stock length of 44.5 inches. As forgiving as this club is, that shouldn’t come as a surprise, because it’s probably the better player who values accuracy more than the higher-handicap player, who might tend to chase distance first and foremost. This driver will offer both distance and accuracy, however, which is why it’s likely to end up in a lot of bags.

TGW Customer Feedback on the Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Driver

Watch our TGW customer feedback on the Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Driver.

Titanium Exo-Cage

The new internal Exo-Cage, made of titanium, allows engineers to reposition weight to increase forgiveness and swing speed for great distance and accuracy with greater feel.

Triaxial Carbon

New triaxial carbon is included in the crown and sole. This new material is extremely light and strong, creating more forgiveness and stability while providing a unqiue braided appearance.

Low Deep CG

The low and deep location of the center of gravity makes it easy to launch the ball higher with longer carry distance while strategically placed weight in the heel of the club creates more draw bias to help eliminate slices.

What They're Saying...

“This is the most forgiving driver that Callaway has ever created. And when you think about the history of Callaway and drivers, to say that this is the most forgiving driver we’ve ever created is a big statement.”

Dave Neville, Callaway Senior Director of Brand Management for Metal Woods and Wedges

“It’s the first time ever we’ve offered two stock lengths. We have the normal 45.5 and we have the 1-inch under. The 1-inch under has a 12-gram weight, so it’s a pretty elegant solution. It doesn’t mess up the swing weight when you go with the 1-inch under. They’re both at a target of D2. If you’re a golfer who always hits it in the center of the face and you need as many yards as you can get, go with the longer. But if you’re a player that’s kind of hitting it all over the face, you might try the shorter one.”

Dave Neville, Callaway Senior Director of Brand Management for Metal Woods and Wedges

“We really think this is going to work for a broad range of golfers. We think a lot of better players like forgiveness. We are going to test this out on Tour. It’s a club that can be used by low-handicappers, by Tour players, and also for anyone who needs that maximum forgiveness.”

Dave Neville, Callaway Senior Director of Brand Management for Metal Woods and Wedges

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Heavy Drivers Shaft Information
UST Recoil ES 440 Graphite
Flex Weight Torque Launch
Senior 46g High High
Regular 47g High High
UST Recoil ES 450 Graphite
Flex Weight Torque Launch
Senior 53g Mid-High Mid-High
Regular 56g Mid-High Mid-High
Stiff 58g Mid-High Mid-High

This product is no longer available

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