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MD Forged wedges giving players more shot-making capability

Callaway MD Forged Wedges at the 2017 PGA Show

Callaway MD Forged Wedges at the 2017 PGA Show

Callaway MD Slate Wedges

With renowned golf wedge designer Roger Cleveland leading the way, Callaway has been doing exciting things with its wedge lines in recent years.

And its latest release, MD Forged wedges, is a perfect example of the innovation that Callaway is bringing to players to help them improve their games from 125 yards and in.

In designing the MD Forged wedges, Cleveland sought out extensive feedback from Callaway’s PGA Tour players as it related to what they were looking for in a wedge to optimize scoring chances.

Cleveland’s ongoing research and the players’ input led to a new shape as compared to Callaway’s popular MD3 wedge line, as well as a new groove configuration that has been implemented to help create more spin on short shots.

“With the Forged line, you’ve got a little bit of a straighter leading edge, a little less offset, and a little bit more of a squarer toe,” said Dave Neville, Callaway Senior Director of Brand Management. “We’ve also added a new groove right down near the bottom; that’s going to help (around the green).”

Also of note when it comes to the MD Forged wedges is the new R-Grind that Cleveland has created in terms of the sole. These are mid-bounce wedges that feature a modified crescent sole shape that has been designed for versatility and shot-making, especially around the green.

MD Forged wedges also feature a progressive CG placement that promotes enhanced control through a more penetrating ball flight, especially in the higher-lofted wedges.

Spin control was also a significant consideration in the MD Forged design, as three groove patterns have been implemented depending on loft.

In the gap wedges (50 and 52 degrees), a 30V groove has been utilized to better control spin on full shots, while the sand wedges (54 and 56 degrees) feature a 20V groove pattern that creates slightly more spin on full shots and from greenside bunkers and other shots played around the green.

The lob wedges (58 and 60 degrees), meanwhile, offer a more aggressive 5V groove pattern, which has been designed to create maximum spin.

And finally, players can also expect incredible feel as well given that these wedges have been forged using soft 1025 carbon steel.

Of course, given their performance profile, one might wonder if Callaway has a target audience for the MD Forged wedges?

“This is really a better player’s wedge,” said Neville when asked that question. “We’re doing extremely well with this on Tour. The type of player who’s a shotmaker, likes to open the face around the green, they should take a look at this wedge.”

MD Forged wedges are available in lofts ranging from 50-60 degrees, as well as two unique finishes, Nickel Chrome and Brushed Slate.

They also feature premium True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S200 shafts and custom Lamkin UTx grips.

MD3 Golf Wedges

Callaway MD3 Milled Wedges

Callaway MD3 Milled Wedges

Callaway MD3 Milled Chrome Golf Wedges

If you had to pick one word to describe Callaway’s 2016 wedge lines, versatility would be a pretty good choice. Great wedge players and players with elite short games choose wedges that they will know perform for them, and Callaway has designed its 2016 wedges to perform with every type of shot, every type of swing, and every type of turf or sand condition. In the MD3 line, versatility starts with with three different groove patterns and three different grinds. As far as the grooves are concerned, the pitching and gap wedges (46 to 52 degrees), feature a 30V groove to keep players from generating too much spin on full shots. In the traditional sand wedges (54 and 56 degrees), 20V grooves impart more spin on full shots and shots played from around the green, while the lob wedges (58 and 60 degrees), utilize 5V grooves for maximum spin. Also offered are three grinds -- the C-Grind (crescent), the S-Grind (standard), and the W-Grind (wide). The C-Grind will work best from firmer sand and turf conditions and for players who have a shallow angle of attack and like to control trajectory. The S-Grind will fit the largest number of players, as it works well with varying swing shapes and all turf conditions. The W-Grind, with its wider sole, is easy to hit and a great option for players with a steep angle of attack or who play courses with typically soft sand and turf conditions. The MD3 line also offers a Satin Chrome finish, which won’t rust, and a Matte Black finish, and lofts range from 46 degrees to 60 degrees.

Mack Daddy Golf Wedges

Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind Golf Wedges

Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind Golf Wedges

Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind Black Finish Golf Wedges

Also available from Callaway this year is the Mack Daddy PM-Grind, which was the brainchild of a collaboration between Phil Mickelson and Roger Cleveland, Callaway’s chief wedge designer. The PM-Grind is offered in lofts of 56, 58, 60, and 64 degrees and is a wizard around the green. Its design and unique shape allows the face to be opened easily for bunker and lob shots, while grooves across the face and a higher CG make it more effective on shots played from deep rough. Like the MD3, the PM-Grind is also available in Satin Chrome and Matte Black finishes.

"We got a lot of feedback from tour players about how much spin they want to have with their gap wedges versus their sand wedge versus their lob wedge." - Dave Neville - Callaway Global Director for Woods and Wedges

"I could control the ball even on shorter shots. It just felt a little heavier, which I like." - Bob, TGW Customer 3 hdcp.