Bridgestone Tour B330 RXS B Mark Golf Balls


Bridgestone Tour B330 RXS B Mark Golf Balls

Tour Performance Spin For Amateur Swings

Should amatuer golfers play a typical Tour ball? The answer to that question, according to Bridgestone, depends on the type of clubhead speed being generated. If players are swinging their driver at less than 105 MPH, which Bridgestone equates to roughly 75 percent of the golfing public, the answer to the original question should be no. But Bridgestone also believes that those players with more modest swing speeds who want tour-caliber performance in a golf ball should have an option, which is why it created the new Tour B330RXS. The driving force behind the RXS from a technological standpoint is the new AMATOUR core, which is 28 percent softer than the core of the average Tour ball. The softer core, along a with steeper gradient in softness from the inner part of the core to its outer region, creates faster ball speeds and reduces spin rates with the driver. Another advancement in the B330RXS is its new SlipRes cover, which improves spin around the green and from the rough while also reducing spin off the tee with a driver. Most notably as it relates to the RXS, the SlipRes coating is softer than what’s used on the RX version, enhancing feel and creating increased spin on shots played from around the green. Additionally, thanks to a new dual dimple pattern, the RXS creates higher launch conditions but also more rollout with the driver because of a more shallow angle of descent. The dimple pattern also improves stability in the wind and helps enhance durability. Bridgestone Tour B330 RXS B Mark golf balls also feature the Tour-inspired B Mark stamping used by Tiger Woods, among others.

Ideal For:

Golfers with more modest swing speeds who still want the performance benefits that come with a Tour ball, most notably exceptional feel and spin around the green. The Tour B330RXS’s core will allow it to react like a typical Tour ball for players with swing speeds of less than 105 MPH, and its core and significantly softer cover combine to provide exceptional spin and feel on full shots played with short irons and shots played from on or around the green. That combination will make it a popular choice for a wide variety of players.


The core being 28 percent softer than the average Tour ball creates faster ball speeds and more distance off the tee for players with more modest swing speeds.

SlipRes Cover

Bridgestone calls this new cover its highest performing ever, as it generates maximum spin around the green and from the rough while still reducing spin on shots struck with the driver.

Dual Dimple Technology

Smaller inner dimples create higher launch conditions and larger outer dimples create a shallow angle of descent that improves rollout, while the dimples work in unison to improve stability in the wind.

What They're Saying...

“One of the new innovations that I’m excited about is the new AMATOUR core. It’s a core especially designed for swing speeds under 105 MPH.”

Adam Rehberg, Bridgestone Golf Ball Marketing Coordinator

“Most amateurs really need to bury their pride and go out there and find a ball that’s perfect for their swing speed. If you have swing speed under 105 MPH, the new AMATOUR core ball is really going to help you.”

Nick Price, Three-time Major Winner and World Golf Hall of Fame member

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