Tour Proven Performance For The Amateur Swing Speed

Bridgestone 2016 Tour B330-RX White, Tour B330-RX Yellow & Tour B330-RXS White Golf Balls

2016 Bridgestone Golf Balls:

Speed Is Everything - AmaTOUR

“If you’re like seventy-five percent of golfers that don’t swing like a Tour pro, check out the AMATOUR core in the RX and RXS.”

-- Elliot Mellow, Bridgestone Ball Fitting Coordinator

Based on its research and testing, Bridgestone found that 75 percent of amateur golfers don’t generate the type of swing speeds routinely produced by Tour players, that being in excess of 105 MPH with a driver. Bridgestone, however, didn’t want players with more modest swing speeds to be unable to play a golf ball that offered tour-level performance, which led to the creation of the Tour B330-RX and Tour B330-RXS, both of which are powered by the company’s new AMATOUR core, which is 28 percent softer than the core of the average Tour ball. The softer core, along a with steeper gradient in softness from the inner part of the core to its outer region, creates faster ball speeds and reduces spin rates with the driver. Also a key component in the RX and RXS is the new SlipRes Cover, which features the highest friction coefficient rating possible for improved spin around the greens and especially from the rough. The cover, however, also reduces spin from the driver and is significantly more durable. The biggest difference between the two models is that the SlipRes coating on the RXS is softer than what’s used on the RX, which enhances feel and creates increased spin on shots played from around the green. Also of note, a dual dimple pattern has been utilized in both designs. Smaller inner dimples create higher launch conditions, while larger outer dimples create a shallow angle of descent that improves rollout. The dimples also work in unison to improve stability in the wind. The Tour B330-RX comes in white and yellow colors, while the B330-RXS comes in white.

Bridgestone 2016 Tour B330-RX White, Tour B330-RX Yellow & Tour B330-RXS White Golf Ball Packages
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