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TOUR360 Boost 2.0

adidas Mens Tour360 Boost 2.0 Golf Shoes with TGW

adidas Mens Tour360 Boost 2.0 Golf Shoes with TGW

adidas Mens Tour360 Boost 2.0 Golf Shoes

By now, you’ve seen the new adidas Tour360 Boost 2.0 golf shoes on the feet of some of the best golfers in the world. It’s even the preferred golf shoe of Dustin Johnson. Last year saw the return of the Tour360 design with the addition of Boost Foam Technology. It immediately became an incredibly popular golf shoe both on professional tours and on golf courses all over. Known for its comfort, cushioning and unmatched stability, golfers everywhere were raving about the design. Then it came time for another generation. When adidas was designing the Tour360 2.0 golf shoes, Johnson’s advice was “don’t change a thing.”

So how do you take a shoe that took the golf world by storm and improve upon it? That’s what we set out to find. We got our hands on a pair to try on and review.

When we opened the box, we found a classic golf shoe with the right amount of modern twist to maximize style and performance. “Traditional yet sporty” is a great way to describe the look. The biggest change to the look in the 2.0 version is the removal of the line that extended to the toe of the shoe on last year’s model. The result is a cleaner look, especially when you’re standing over the golf ball.

Next, the feel of these golf shoes are made with premium leather uppers for a soft and durable feeling shoe. It is worth noting that the leather features climaproof Technology so your feet will stay dry in any weather. They come with a two-year waterproof warranty. That leather contributes to that clean, classic look we noted above.

Once you put these shoes on, you immediately notice the cushion and support created by the Boost foam technology is very noticeable. We’ve raved about Boost before and this shoe is no different. Boost Foam units are placed in both the heel and forefoot to provide energized comfort in every step. The cushioning and energy return provided by this revolutionary technology continues to be a must-have for golfers, especially if you prefer to walk the golf course. adidas also updated the collar of the shoe with a more traditional shape and leather construction for a comfortable, durable fit.

Another thing golfers will love about Tour360 Boost 2.0 is the fit. The platform is wider for more stability and reshaped to match the anatomical fit of the foot. This means the overall volume inside the shoe has been increased for you have more room for lateral movement in a sport like golf that requires it. You get a more true-to-size fit without worrying about being between sizes. We recommend ordering your traditional shoe size and these will fit perfectly.

Finally, let’s talk about stability and traction. Tour360 Boost 2.0 stands out with its unique all-around wrap design. This structure supports the arch and midfoot all the way around to stabilize the foot throughout the golf swing. In the 2.0 model, adidas has taken the TPU plate in this wrap and extended it farther up the foot for even greater stability. This also allows the heel and forefoot to flex and work independently for greater control and range of motion. You’ll really notice this every time you swing a club. When you get these shoes on, you notice you’re immediately gripping the ground. The traction on the Tour360 2.0 can best be described as aggressive. First, there are 10 replaceable thintech cleats (six on the forefoot and four on the heel) for the spiked traction you need. Then, adidas included secondary traction lugs up the middle of the outsole as well as around the edges. With this type of grip and stability, it’s virtually impossible to swing out of your shoes while you’re wearing these.

Minimal changes aside, adidas packed the Tour360 2.0 golf shoe with premium performance, impressive stability and the energized comfort synonymous with the Boost line. For golfers who want waterproof protection, spiked traction and the stability to grip and rip it, you should try this shoe. Global Director of Golf Footwear Masun Denison sums it up by saying “Forget all the technology. If you want something that you don’t have to worry about, that always works, always looks good, always feels good, and that will last, this is the shoe for you."

Boost 2.0: Taking adidas’ Tour360 franchise to all new heights

adidas TOUR360 2.0 Golf Shoes

“We believe it’s the best performing golf shoe on the market.”

-- Masun Denison, Global Director for adidas Golf Footwear

adidas TOUR360 2.0 Golf Shoes

adidas TOUR360 2.0 Golf Shoes

“If you want something that you don’t have to worry about, that always works, always looks good, always feels good, and that will last, this is the shoe for you.”

-- Masun Denison, Global Director for adidas Golf Footwear

For adidas, the Tour360 Boost golf shoe was a monumental success, as players of all ability levels, including the likes of Dustin Johnson and Sergio Garcia, made it their shoe of choice.

In fact, according to Masun Denison, Global Director for adidas Golf Footwear, Tour360 Boost catapulted adidas to the top of the golf shoe market for the first time in company history.

With success, however, comes new challenges, something that adidas was well aware of as it set out to create the new Tour360 2.0.

“Tour360 is obviously our most iconic product,” Denison said. “Our challenge was we know we have something that’s really good. What can we do to make this even better without making a whole new shoe, because we don’t want to risk losing that consumer.”

The process of creating 2.0 started with gathering as much feedback as possible about the things touring professionals and recreational golfers alike might change about the original Tour360 Boost.

And as Denison said, “That process started from everywhere. Our motto is to cast the biggest net you can.”

The feedback that the adidas design team received led to some cosmetic changes first and foremost to Boost 2.0 when compared to its predecessor.

Gone is the stripe that existed on the toe in the original iteration, and a number of Tour players were among those who advocated for that particular change.

“Aesthetically, if you just start with the upper, there was a lot of conversation about the toe,” Denison said. “There were some who said if you had just gone with a clean toe it would eliminate distraction (at address). So with Boost 2.0 we decided to go with a clean toe.”

Also gone is the S Curve heel design that was utilized in the original Tour360 Boost, technology that was adopted from several of adidas’ most popular running shoes. A more traditional heel is now in place, as well as new lining in the heel portion of the shoe.

“We removed the S Curve heel, and this is a major change,” Denison said. “Some people didn’t like it because their pants would get caught in it when they walked. We also had some issues with the heel wearing through. We’ve added a full premium leather lining in the heel, and leather is the most durable lining there is.”

While those changes will be most evident visually in Boost 2.0, there have also been technical upgrades made as well to improve performance and comfort.

First, the TPU top plate now wraps higher on the shoe in the saddle and heel areas to improve stability during the swing. It’s also, however, more flexible, which equates to increased comfort.

“We have a whole new outsole top plate,” Denison said. ‘So the upper half is completely new. It’s thicker at the base and thinner at the top, so it’s less rigid.”

That design change has also made Boost 2.0 lighter than its predecessor, which is likely to appeal to walkers.

“It’s a little bit lighter, a couple percent,” Denison added. “We saved weight where we could. It’s also a little bit more balanced now in terms of the weighting.”

Also likely to appeal to walkers is that the TPU used in the outsole design of 2.0 has been altered from a composition standpoint to improve flexibility, which was an area that adidas wanted to address based on the feedback it received.

The increased flexibility, however, does not come at the expense of the stability that Tour360 Boost provides during the swing.

“For some people, Tour360 Boost was too rigid when they were walking,” Dension explained. “That was the feedback we got from Sergio. We used a softer density TPU (with Boost 2.0) so the whole shoe flexes a little bit easier. The outside perimeter is always thicker and firmer no matter what and the inside is always a little bit softer, but we used different combinations and the result is that we improved linear flexibility without losing lateral stability.”

The new Boost 2.0 will continue to utilize some of the features that have made the Tour360 franchise so popular.

Most notable on that list is the use of proprietary Boost midsole foam throughout the shoe, which creates incredible energy return and comfort.

Additionally, Boost 2.0 will again utilize adidas’ revolutionary Torsion Tunnel, which provides exceptional arch support, as well as independent flexibility in the forefoot and heel.

And finally, as one would expect, Tour360 2.0 features a premium leather upper that offers a clean, classic look, impressive durability, and a soft, supple feel. It also comes with a two-year waterproof guarantee.

With the redesign complete, a process that took a lot of time and work, is Denison as excited about Boost 2.0 as he was about the original?

The answer is a resounding yes.

“We believe it’s the best performing golf shoe on the market,” Denison said. “It’s our premium product. Forget all the technology. If you want something that you don’t have to worry about, that always works, always looks good, always feels good, and that will last, this is the shoe for you. We have a great team, a team that’s dedicated to making the best products on the market. Our team has so much experience, and Boost 2.0 is the best we can do.”

adidas 2017 Golf Shoes

adidas Mens Powerband BOA BOOST Golf Shoes

adidas Powerband BOA Boost Golf Shoes: New for 2017, adidas has brought back their popular Powerband design. The adidas Powerband BOA Boost golf shoes mark a new generation of comfort and construction from the company. These shoes are designed for maximum stability and locked-in fit while providing the incredible cushioned comfort and energy return of Boost Foam Technology. A new L6 Boa closure system is positioned on the tongue to give you a micro-adjustable, custom fit that never comes loose or needs tightened during a round. The stability really comes through in the new POWERCAGE saddle. The soft wires of the Boa closure system are connected to the saddle by the 360LOOP guides. You’ll also find a trio of unique foams to provide a one-of-a-kind comfort experience. First, there is Boost Foam in the mid-sole to create a soft, springy feel underfoot with unmatched energy return and great comfort. Next, bounce foam in the forefoot is soft and durable for long-lasting comfort. Finally, adidas uses fitfoam in the sock liner for greater support with comfort and cushioning. The spiked outsole of the Powerband BOA Boost golf shoes features a new thintech cleat design. New low profile thintech EXP cleats offer stability and traction with durable green-friendly grip. Secondary lugs are placed in strategic locations to add traction on all terrain. There’s also a new fit that golfers will love. adidas has designed a new competition last that increases the overall volume of the shoe by widening the forefoot to allow the toes to spread for comfort and stability.

When we tried these shoes on, we immediately noticed the extra room in the toe box with the new competition last. Our reviewer wears a size 11.5 medium and instantly felt the added fit. The toes spread naturally to give you a more stable base that you can really feel. This was our reviewer’s first time trying on a shoe with Boa as well. The improvement in fit and stability is instant. By connecting the L6 Boa closure to the new POWERCAGE saddle, the entire foot feels locked into the shoe and you can swing with confidence.This shoe feels comfortable when that custom fit is locked in. Combined with the leather upper, this feel and fit of the Powerband BOA Boost golf shoes is nothing less than premium. They’re built to be durable and include a two year waterproof warranty. These shoes are not short on comfort. Three unique adidas foam technologies combine to make walking in these shoes feel better than ever. Boost Foam in the heel provides cushioning with every step and returns more energy to keep you going. You can feel the boost in your step with a lightweight, padded heel. The forefoot is made softer with bounce foam that softens the step and feels durable. You never worry about the cushioning letting you down. A fitfoam sockliner places cushioning directly under the foot inside the shoe for soft cushioning in every movement. Moving to the bottom of the shoe, there is grip built in here that feels stable enough to support the hardest swings. The new thintech cleats are low profile, bringing you closer to the ground and truly connecting you to the turf. The outsole also includes secondary lugs that bring some of the benefits of a spikeless outsole and combines them with the six spike design for maximum green-friendly traction. One last detail is the padded tab up the back of the shoe. It felt a little weird to us at first as it extends up past the heel, but as you walk, that extra padding the Achilles area is really nice to have. If you like spiked grip on the golf course, the fit and comfort of the new adidas Powerband BOA Boost golf shoes are must-have for the new season.

adidas Mens Adipower Boost 3 Golf Shoes

adidas Adipower Boost 3 Golf Shoes: The adidas golf shoe that brought Boost Foam Technology to the golf course in 2015 is here in its third generation. The 2017 adipower 3 golf shoes come in two outsole choices, the adidas adipower Boost 3 being the traditional spiked version and the adipower S Boost 3 featuring a spikeless outsole. These shoes have plenty of new features for the new season, including the new adidas competition last, greater stability and energy transfer, plus much more comfort. Let’s take a closer look as we tried them on to let you know how they perform.

The overall theme of these shoes, and then entire 2017 adidas golf shoe family, is the improved fit. You notice it as soon as you slip your foot inside. adidas’s new competition last uses a wider forefoot than they’ve built in the past along with a slightly rounded toe. This design increases the volume of the shoe to provide more comfort to more golfers. That extra room also allows the toes to spread as they naturally want to do, creating a more stable base while walking and swinging a golf club. That’s just the beginning of the comfort packed into these shoes. adidas has combined three of the foam technologies in these shoes for comfort, cushioning and support like never before. It all starts in the heel and mid-foot with Boost Foam. These TPU capsules are heated up to fuse them together and create a lightweight layer of cushioning and unmatched energy return. Boost feels seriously springy underfoot and makes these shoes incredibly comfortable to walk in. Bounce foam in the forefoot creates a more durable, long-lasting cushioning layer with soft comfort. As you walk and place your foot on the ground heel to toe, you feel the transition between these two technologies that softens the step and returns energy back through the foot. Finally, fitfoam is included in two locations on both the adipower Boost 3 and adipower S Boost 3. The sock liner is made with fitfoam for cushioned comfort and added support and it’s also included in the collar of the shoe. This extra padding in the ankle area feels great and doesn’t rub as you walk.

There’s one more incredibly unique feature included in both the spiked and spikeless adipower Boost 3 golf shoes. On the outside of each shoe is a structure that stands out from the rest of the upper in color and design that adidas calls the Energy Sling. adidas says this helps guide the transfer of energy through the foot and prevent power leaks, especially as you swing. It does help the shoe feel more stable and keeps you locked in through a golf swing.

adidas Mens Adipower S Boost 3 Golf Shoes

While the main features of these shoes are similar, there are some differences that may factor into choosing the right model for you. First is the adipower Boost 3 which is the spiked version. This shoe features a six-spike TPU outsole along with secondary lugs that you’d see on a spikeless shoe for serious traction. The adipower Boost 3 golf shoes use the new thintech EXP cleats for a low-profile base. By bringing you lower to the ground, it’s adds stability and grip. The upper is made with climaproof stretch microfiber leather. This material is extremely easy to care for and looks like a more traditional golf shoe. It also comes with a two year waterproof warranty.

The adipower S Boost 3 is the spikeless model. An adidas puremotion outsole uses adiwear traction lugs to give you stability and grip as well as the versatility to wear these shoes on and off the golf course. The upper of the S Boost 3 golf shoes looks sportier as well. It’s made with one piece of textile material that’s more flexible than its spiked cousin. Bonded TPU welds and a unique overlay provide climastorm protection from the weather with a one year waterproof warranty.

The choice between these shoes really comes down to whether you prefer the grip of replaceable spikes or the versatility of spikeless golf shoes. Both adipower 3 models fit great, especially true to size with the new wider forefoot design. adidas is making a major point of making sure their customers are aware of the new competition last, calling it out right on the box and urging golfers to try their new, more natural fit. With Boost Foam, the cushioning and energy return of these shoes are second to none. If you’re looking for fit and feel together, adipower Boost 3 or adipower S Boost 3 is the shoe for you. The only thing left to do is decide: spiked or spikeless?

adidas Mens Crossknit BOOST Golf Shoes

adidas Crossknit BOOST Golf Shoes: In 2012, adidas introduced a new technology for their running shoes called BOOST. BOOST was created by taking many TPU particles and heating them up to fuse them together. The result was a cushioning system that was lightweight and returned more energy back into the legs with every step. BOOST Foam Technology changed the game for runners that preferred adidas.

Just a couple years later in 2014, BOOST made its way to the basketball court. Some of the biggest stars in the NBA were wearing adidas basketball shoes with BOOST Foam for high energy return and superior cushioning.

Come 2015, adidas brought BOOST Foam to a whole new arena: the golf course. The adipower BOOST golf shoes were the first golf shoe to feature the endless energy return and lightweight cushioning and comfort for golfers. Now we have the newest BOOST Foam styles in the adidas Crossknit BOOST and Powerband BOA BOOST golf shoes. The BOOST Foam mid-sole runs the full length of the shoe to provide maximum energy return and under foot cushioning. The new CircleKnit upper is built specifically for golf. adidas designed this upper to provide a combination of stretch performance, breathable comfort and lateral stability. There’s a cloudfoam sock liner as well that adidas uses for lightweight cushioning and comfort inside the shoe. The Crossknit BOOST is also a spikeless golf shoe so you get the added versatility of on and off course wear.

To find out how the latest BOOST golf shoe really works, we had to try them on. Directly out of the box, they fit true to size. We tried on an 11.5 in medium width and the shoes were exactly as expected. These shoes feel a little different when your first put them on because they are tongue-less. This makes them easy to pull on and they feel incredibly locked-down when you tie them. There’s a collar around the top of the shoe made with adidas’s fitfoam for an extra padded, comfortable feel. This is great for golfers who like to walk as it softens the contact point around the foot and shoe with soft, padded comfort. The full length BOOST Foam mid-sole is the real deal. You can feel an added spring in your step as you walk. It’s a lightweight feel that helps push you forward and absorbs contact when you feet hit the ground. The breathable CircleKnit upper adds cool comfort that golfers will truly appreciate when the weather warms up. The shoes also never felt unstable. Internal reinforcement combines with a heel counter and extended saddle sling that keeps you stable when walking and swinging a golf club. The puremotion outsole provides a good amount of traction points with the ground for a good spikeless grip as well.

adidas Men's Tour360 BOOST Golf Shoes

adidas Men's Tour360 BOOST Golf Shoes - Front View

adidas Men's Tour360 BOOST Golf Shoes: In early March, when TGW staff members made the trip West for exclusive access to TaylorMade’s headquarters in Calrsbad, California, we also wanted to get the inside scoop on the new adidas TOUR360 BOOST golf shoes.

Designers at adidas had a specific intention in mind when it came to the TOUR360 BOOST. They wanted to take the popular franchise and give it a technological facelift 10 years after introducing 360 to the golf market. What specifically did that vision involve for the consumer? The goal was to create a premium golf shoe that provided unmatched performance and comfort.

adidas Mens Tour360 BOOST Golf Shoes - Back View

BOOST Technology

As part of our day at TaylorMade, we had four TGW customers join us to test the company’s 2016 club offerings at The Kingdom, TaylorMade’s renowned fitting and performance center.

After several hours of hitting balls that afternoon, there was a surprise waiting for our customers in the form of a brand new pair of BOOST golf shoes. They also received a presentation about the new shoe from Denison himself, who explained, among other things, that premium, full-grain leather was used to create the upper portion of the shoe and that it features a two-year waterproof warranty.

He added that golfers can expect, because of the softness of the premium leather, that 360 BOOST will “break in” a bit after time, so the shoes should fit “snug” at purchase. But he also said not to be concerned about wearing them right away.

“We always talk about EOB, 18 holes out of the box,” Denison said. “We make sure through our testing processes that when we go to retail with a product, our goal is the consumer can take it out of the box, put it on, and go out and play 18 holes that day with no blisters.”

Also of note from Denison, there are 10 spikes on the bottom of the BOOST, more than most companies offer, which improves torsion control and provides tremendous grip during the swing.

Also implemented was the S-Curve Heel, which was inspired by running shoes. It keeps the shoe from digging into the back of the foot even when walking up or down hills, as it will sit slightly away from the heel to maintain comfort.

After hitting balls for several hours in the shoes they brought with them, our testers immediately praised the comfort level when they tried on their new shoes, which didn’t come as a surprise to Denison.

“The energy return of BOOST is about 85 percent,” he said, adding that most shoes typically offer energy returns of 55-60 percent. “You’re getting more back with every step, you’re getting more return to your body, and that gives you a springy feel when you’re walking, which everyone loves. And it also equates to more comfort.”

While the positive first impressions provided us with some insight, we were interested in more detailed feedback about whether or not adidas had accomplished all of its goals with BOOST, so we sent our customers home and asked them to put the new shoes to work on the golf course.

adidas Mens Tour360 BOOST Golf Shoes - Bottom View

Customer Feedback

Having given them some time to get a few rounds under their belts, we reached back out to our testers this week to get more thoughts on the TOUR360 BOOST. The results were overwhelmingly positive.

“I have at least ten rounds under my feet with the BOOST,” said Mike, a 9-handicapper. “It’s a great-looking shoe. Out of the box, they were very comfortable.”

Mike, however, said his favorite aspect of the 360 BOOST was the stability the shoe provided, adding “I play early in the mornings and the ground is often wet. There’s no slipping or coming out of my shoes with these. At 6-foot-4 and 275 pounds, I'm not exactly petite, and BOOST supports me very nicely.”

Chris, a 1-handicapper, echoed Mike’s thoughts about the increased stability that he was enjoying since switching to the TOUR360 BOOST. “It’s hard to even explain how comfortable these shoes are, even after playing 18 holes, but they also provide so much stability when walking or hitting shots,” he said. “That probably is what stands out to me the most, just how stable I feel over the ball and during my swing with this shoe.”

But Chris also had one other compliment for the 360 BOOST, adding that, “One of my other favorite things about them is that the spikes don’t tear up the greens. I hate it when I see someone’s shoes leaving tracks all over the greens, and I have no issues with mine even when the greens are wet or soft. I would highly recommend this shoe to anybody.”

Also willing to recommend the new adidas shoe to just about anyone was 15-handicapper Neal. “The thing that strikes me the most about the TOUR360 BOOST shoe is that, for such a full-featured shoe, it is amazingly light,” he said “It supports every part of the foot before and during the golf shot. My hat is off to adidas for creating a golf shoe that combines total comfort, support, and the classic golf shoe look.”

Neal then offered up just about the highest praise possible, concluding that in his personal opinion, “They are the best golf shoes ever.”

adidas Powerband BOA Boost Golf Shoes with TGW

adidas Global Director of Golf Footwear, Masun Denison, previews the Powerband BOA Boost at the 2017 PGA Show

adidas Adipower Boost 3 Golf Shoes at the 2017 PGA Show

Check out the adidas Adipower Boost 3 Golf Shoes at the 2017 PGA Show

adidas Adipower S Boost 3 Golf Shoes at the 2017 PGA Show

Check out the adidas Adipower S Boost 3 Golf Shoes at the 2017 PGA Show

adidas Crossknit Boost Golf Shoes with TGW

adidas Global Director of Golf Footwear, Masun Denison, previews the Crossknit Boost spikeless golf shoe at the 2017 PGA Show

adidas Tour360 Boost

In March of 2016, TGW took four lucky customers to adidas in Carlsbad California to test the adidas Tour 360 Boost, guided by Masun Denison, Global Director of Golf Footwear for adidas.