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Game Changers: Training Aids Aimed At Any Goal

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Whatever it is, there’s an innovative, proven training aid to help address the issue.

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Hook:Caused by hitting from inside to outside and spinning the ball counterclockwise, changes to grip (clubface angle), alignment and swing path will produce immediate results.

Pushing/Pulling: You can Push or Pull a putt off target due to poor stroke mechanics - Poor face alignment, follow-thru or upper body positioning.
Slice: Caused by hitting from outside to inside and spinning the ball clockwise, changes to grip (clubface angle), alignment and swing path will produce immediate results.
Lack of Consistency: Unable to develop a predictable stroke/putt? A combination of poor results has made it difficult for you to pinpoint the problem.
Is it the club? For golfers who tend to slice, certain drivers and fairway woods are available in draw models, improving accuracy. They are designed with left bias (deeper offset, closed face).
Misreading: You can give away strokes even with good putting form, by misjudging distance or the grade/slope of the green.
Pushing/Pulling: You can Push or Pull a shot without a Slice or Hook. Poor aim/alignment, or weight shift, are common culprits.
Is it the putter? Putter designs vary more than any other club in the bag. Is the design and balance of your putter working with, or against, your natural putting stroke?
Hitting Thin/Topping: Defined as hitting the upper half of the ball, correcting this tendency will add distance and will result in a higher flight trajectory.
YIPs: Erratic swing motion - lack of touch. You haven’t been able to feel solid and smooth in your backstroke and follow through.
Hitting Fat: Defined as striking the ground before the ball, the telltale sign is leaving a large divot. Fixing this issue will increase club head speed and resulting distance.
Poor Distance: Add distance to your swing while staying balanced. Aids improve balance, club head speed and proper alignment for maximum power.
Is it the club? Cleaner ball striking, in the rough or sand, is easier with the proper club. Loft, Bounce (angle of face to bottom of clubhead) and the shape of the sole all can affect performance.
Target Line: Feet, knees, hips, or shoulders out of position in your stance - creating off-target shots.
Off Target: Bump and run, or flop and drop? Being able to place a chip shot on target, with the correct amount of arc can revoulutionaize your game!
Course Management: Layup or go for it? Improving your club selection and yardage knowledge can drop strokes quickly.
Lack of Consistency: Unable to develop a predictable stroke/chip? A combination of poor results has made it difficult for you to pinpoint the problem.

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