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How to Buy a Golf Bag: 4 Things to Consider
  • Type of Golfer
  • Weight of Bag
  • Number of Pockets
  • Number of Dividers
1. Type of Golfer
Types of golf bags
Tour Bags are the most comprehensive golf bags and feature generous storage with plenty of pockets and dividers. These bags are used by professional and competitive golfers who require more items on the course or for golfers who do not have to carry their own golf bag.

Cart Bags are designed to attach to a golf cart and feature generous pockets and storage. They are heavier and are designed for golfers who will be walking the course. These golf bags are best for professional, competitive or serious golfers.

Stand Bags are the most versatile type of golf bag. They generally feature a lighter weight design, although heavier than a Carry Bag. They are designed with base legs to keep the bag upright for easy club accessibility throughout your round. Stand golf bags are a great choice for any golfer.

Carry Bags are the lightest weight golf bags and are designed for recreational or casual golfers. They are designed with shoulder straps for easy wear around the course and are best for golfers who will be walking.

Travel Bags are designed for traveling golfers who want to protect valuable golf clubs. They are made to protect golf equipment through baggage handling and domestic or international flights. They feature heavier material or a hard case that securely encompasses a golf bag and club set. These work for any golfer that travels, and can also be used on the course.

2. Weight of Bag
This is an important feature to consider based on whether a golfer will be carrying or hauling the golf bag versus riding a golf cart.

3. Number of Pockets
Modern golf bags feature pockets designed to specific needs. For example, many golf bags feature a cooler pocket that keeps drinks cold or shoe pockets designed to hold an extra pair of golf shoes. Pockets that hold clothing, cell phones and keys are also common. This is an important element to consider based on a golfer?s needs on the course.

4. Number of Dividers
This is an especially important component of any golf bag. Dividers range from 1 to 14. Dividers are often listed by the ?way-top? or how many openings there are on the top of the bag. However, it?s also important to consider how many full-length dividers there are. Full-length dividers extend the length of the bag. This eliminates clubs bumping and scraping against one another. More dividers are useful for professional or competitive players, while recreational or casual players need fewer.

Even the most simple modern golf bags have features to keep you comfortable and organized on the course. Advanced innovation and design have reinvented the ugly, cumbersome golf bags of the past into stylish, efficient and lightweight bags a golfer can be proud to display on the course. With a vast selection of bags to choose from, The Golf Warehouse has the perfect bag to meet any golfer?s needs.

How To Navigate TGW Golf Bag Search

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Next, refine your search by choosing a particular feature you?re looking for, such as Weight, Color or Dividers. Call 1-888-838-5551 with any problems you encounter in your search.