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The 5 Things To Consider
When Shopping For Golf Irons

A set of irons is probably the biggest investment a player makes
in regard to golf equipment.

With this in mind, we'd like to help educate you about irons so the next time you go shopping for them at, you'll know everything you need
to choose the perfect set.

You'll also find tips that will make your shopping experience much easier
and discover what sets apart as the only place to shop for golf irons.

1. What Are The Different Iron Types?
2. What Irons Are In A Set Composition?
3. What Do I Need To Know About Irons In Terms Of Loft, Length & Distance?
4. What Type Of Shaft & Flex Should I Choose?
5. Would I Benefit From Custom Clubs?
6. How To Shop For Irons On
7. Risk-Free, 30-Day Trial

1. What Are The Different Iron Types?

Irons can be divided into two groups: cavity back and muscleback
(also referred to as a blade).

A blade-style features a full back on the rear of the clubhead whereas
with a cavity back the rear of the clubhead is hollowed out.

Beginners should choose irons with a cavity back because they feature perimeter
weighting that makes them more forgiving, especially on off-center hits,
thus offering more help to less accomplished players.

If mis-hits aren't a concern, a muscleback will provide you with increased workability and shot-shaping ability preferred by more accomplished golfers.

Pictured: a Cleveland Men's 588 Forged MB Iron (top) and a Callaway Men's RAZR X Black Iron (bottom)

2. What Irons Are In A Set Composition?

A typical set of irons include a 3-iron through pitching wedge.

Other irons may be available to purchase separately, including a 2-iron and
additional wedges (gap wedge, sand wedge, lob wedge, approach wedge),
but none of these additional clubs are necessary for beginners.

The 2-, 3-, and 4-irons are becoming optional. Beginners choosing an iron set
composition should consider eliminating these irons from their set, replacing
those hard-to-hit golf clubs with #3 and #5 hybrids.

A hybrid club (also referred to as rescue club) enables you to get the ball in the
air easier, hits straighter, is more forgiving, and has a larger visual profile that
creates confidence average players don't have with traditionally-shaped irons.

Some club manufacturers have taken this idea a step further, developing
hybrid-irons, which are mid-irons sharing many of the same
characteristics as hybrids.

Pictured: Adams Men's IDEA Tech V3
Hybrids/Irons Set (full set)

3. What Do I Need To Know About Irons In Terms Of Loft, Length & Distance?

The 2-, 3- and 4-irons are categorized as long irons, the 5-, 6-
and 7-irons as mid-irons, and the 8-, 9- and wedges as short irons.

Each iron (going from the 3-iron to the pitching wedge) has more loft
(meaning the ball rises and falls at a steeper angle), a shorter
shaft length, and hits the golf ball less distance.

Pay close attention to loft as you consider different iron sets.

As you progress from short irons through your wedges,
the loft should steadily increase about 4 degrees per club.
(Longer hitters would benefit from reducing that gap to 3 degrees
while shorter hitters would be better served raising it to 5 degrees.)

This ensures proper gapping and will give the average player about
12–14 yards of distance between clubs with a controlled full swing,
thus increasing your chances of landing near the pin.

Loft Chart For Irons

4. What Type Of Shaft & Flex Should I Choose?

If golfers want to increase their swing speed and their primary goal is distance,
then graphite is the answer.

However, if golfers already have a high swing speed and feel like a shaft with a heavier
weight gives them more control over the clubhead during swing, then they should choose steel.

Flex is the torsional stiffness of the golf club, which is provided by
the type of golf shaft used.

Generally, stiffer shafts are better for stronger hitting golfers.

Shaft flex significantly affects the feel of a golf club and moderately affects distance.

If you do not know your swing speed, the following chart may be helpful.

Pictured: Graphite Shaft (left) and the
steel shaft (right) for the Cobra S3 Max Irons

Club Used From 150 Yds Driver Distance Driver Speed Flex
3-iron or wood less than 150 yds less than 60 mph Ladies
4-iron 180 - 210 yds 60 - 75 mph Senior
5 or 6-iron 210 - 240 yds 75 - 84 mph Regular
6 or 7-iron 240 - 260 yds 84 - 93 mph Stiff
8 or 9-iron more than 260 yds more than 93 mph X-Stiff

5. Would I Benefit From Custom Clubs?

Our online custom club fitting department is designed to
assist all golfers with fitting and ordering golf clubs
which are exactly suited to them.

If you find a set of irons you would like to purchase
(and they are customizable), we can custom fit those clubs with
several easy measurements and a quick assessment of your game.

To begin, simply click on the "Customize" tab. This is the
last tab on the product page, as seen on the graphic
to the right.

Our custom club fitting department can also be an effective tool
to help beginners find a set of clubs most appropriate for them
as it gives recommendations for shaft type, flex, and lie angle.

Beginning golfers can keep those recommendations in mind
when shopping for a set that best suits them.

Pictured: Custom Club interface under the "Customize"
on the product page for the Titleist Men's AP1 712 Irons

6. How To Shop For Irons On

Our website can help you choose the best iron set for you.

Just click on the "Equipment" tab on our homepage and then
select the appropriate irons category.

From that point, you can refine your search by utilizing the box
that appears underneath "Set Composition."

The website will narrow the field of products based on
your selection, so if you're a beginner wanting hybrids
included in your set, make sure you click on one of the
set compositions that include those clubs.

Also, don't forget about our pre-owned irons, which can
be viewed by clicking on the "Pre-Owned" tab located
at the top right corner of our homepage.

Most of these irons have had very little usage and only show
minor hit marks or cosmetic blemishes.

The performance of these irons is comparable to a new club.

Or shop for irons by clicking one of the links below:

Pictured: On the top of the page, the equipment tab clicked
and highlighting the "Men's Irons" link.

Hybrid and Mixed Sets
Wood / Iron / Bag Sets

Mens Irons
Ladies Irons
Mens Hybrid and Mixed Sets
Ladies Hybrid and Mixed Sets

Adams Golf
Boccieri Golf

blended set
cavity back
combo set




dual wedge
gap wedge
lob wedge
sand wedge
utility wedge


#4-pw, aw
#4-pw, sw

#5-pw, gw, sw
#3h, #4-pw
#4h, #5-gw

#3h, 4h, #5-pw
#3r, 4r, #5-pw
#4h, 5h, #6-gw
#4h, 5h, #6-sw
#4r, 5r, #6-aw

#3h, 4h, 5h, #6-pw
#4h, 5h, 6h, #7-gw
#4h, 5h, 6h, #7-sw


7. Risk-Free, 30-Day Trial

Having the right equipment is essential, and wants you
to feel confident in your purchase.

If for any reason you are not happy with the performance of your club(s), simply click on the TGW Mulligan Club

Playability Guarantee link at the top of every TGW page to begin the online return process.

As long as you return the club(s) to us within 30 days from the date of shipment, you will receive full-in store credit towards
the purchase of alternate equipment.

Our custom club fitting department can also be an effective tool to help beginners find a set of clubs most appropriate for them
as it gives recommendations for shaft type, flex, and lie angle.

Beginning golfers can keep those recommendations in mind when shopping for a set that best suits them.

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