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    How we measure:
  1. Chest - Measured from 1" below armhole
  2. Length - From top center back of shirt to bottom of shirt
  3. Sweep - Measured at bottom of shirt
  • measures each shirt individually
  • TGW Sizes are based on chest measurements has developed a standardized sizing scale to help you determine the size that will best fit you! Based on actual measurements of apparel across several of our top brand names, we have developed a “TGW size” for each item. The “+” or “-“ behind the TGW size will further indicate if this size runs large or small.

As a consumer, you will be able to determine your TGW size and then shop our entire website with the confidence you will have the proper fit.

Actual Measurements for This Item
Shirt Size TGW Size Chest Length Sweep
Small Medium 37 23 37.50
Medium Large- 39 22.50 38
Large X-Large- 42 23.50 43
X-Large XX-Large- 45 24.50 47

What does “+” and “-“ mean? “+” indicates this item runs
large, “-“ indicates this item runs small.
•All measurements are actual shirt measurements
•Actual measurements may vary slightly.
•All measurements are in inches